About us

Who we are


We are the light in a world of chaos! We are the shelter from the rains of madness, and furthermore we are the first responders to a call for change in a unruly world! JOIN US TODAY! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR OFFERS AND CHANGE A LIFE IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!

Our mission


To inspire a flame in your heart to help others by learning a different language over time with our help you will understand the human mind better, you will be able to communicate in a language of your choosing, and affect the life of another abroad!

Our story


The charity foundation started here in the usa with the founder Timothy Mclane finally taking a stand against language iliteracy along with our partners. We will ensure you understand not only how to speak your next language but read and write it as well! 

Our vision


If 10 people take advantage of the the progam and ebook we offer then it would be a brighter world just by comparison to a day ago! Our vision is to get this knowledge in the right caring hands to be able to change the life of another! 



Start your journey by clicking the link below and don't forget to include your email for an free ebook downloaded directly to your smart phone or computer!


Professional team

Alex Dillinger

This is Alex by taking advantage of our program Alex learned to speak fluent french in 90 days

Tim Mclane

Founder of the foundation Tim was also a client of the program offered Tim learned to speak several languages over a 1 year span and has traveled to many different countries helping where he can  

Barbara Santa

This is barbara through the help of our program barbara learned to speak english one of the hardest languages but she stuck with it and was speaking complete sentences after 90 days